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MailCentro system architecture is designed to achieve superior levels of service quality based on scalability, reliability, and efficiency.We maintain total redundancy within our network to prevent any single point of failure at our multiple hosting locations, effectively avoiding inconvenient service interruptions.

MailCentro leverages the competency and 24x7x365 support of our tier-one hosting partners to allow us to focus on developing best-of-breed email application services and support for our customers, while providing highly available connectivity out to the Internet.

Network Technology

Our hosting partners’ networks provide MailCentro customers with reliable Internet connectivity through highly redundant OC-48 backbones and high-bandwidth capacity ensuring efficient delivery of email messages. Additionally, these partners are interconnected to every major IXP, NAP or MAE (i.e Sprint, UUNet, MCI, AT&T, AOL, PSI) and have access to multiple power grids and diesel generators on site in the event of a power failure.Furthermore, they must utilize a routing protocol that provides MailCentro with the fastest reaction to a failed connection.Our network topology ensures that your email messages and data are transmitted through the shortest paths by leveraging an extensive combination of public and private peering relationships with other Internet providers.As a result, MailCentro can scale its bandwidth on demand to meet the needs of our customers, while minimizing response times for your customers.

Service Quality

Our mission is to make our customers successful by delivering carrier-scale email and messaging solutions designed for universal communications.By providing award-winning services to businesses around the world, MailCentro offers value-added technology to enhance revenues and profits. Our robust network meets the needs of global companies who support millions of users and messages per day, and offer a range of services to their customers.

Email Application

MailCentro is in the forefront of global email and messaging application development. We offer comprehensive solutions in multiple languages with powerful,integrated services like online calendaring, unified messaging and wireless connectivity. Our technology has been selected by leading organizations for their email outsourcing needs.


MailCentro offers a proprietary tool to rapidly customize the look and feel of your email interface. Our flexible and open architecture provides a series of APIs for full integration of existing technologies and new upgrades without interrupting your service.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

MailCentro email services are conveniently accessible via Web, SMS, WAP, or an offline client such as Microsoft Outlook. This flexible access keeps customers in constant contact with their email inbox. Providing a reliable and robust email solution to your customers doesn’t have to involve significant investments in hardware, software,and IT infrastructure costs.With MailCentro’s proprietary technology,you will benefit from a scalable,outsourced email system that seamlessly integrates with your existing technologies.Our primary objective is to offer the highest levels of service quality and performance available in the industry today.

Integrated Email & Messaging Solutions

• Avoid hardware, software, and IT investments/upgrades
• Eliminate investment in systems that quickly become obsolete
• Take advantage of cutting-edge technology including innovative new services

• Web-mail interfaces in 25 languages
• Customers in 180 countries
• Double-byte enabled language support

• Proprietary technology
• Rapidly and easily customize look and feel of the Web-based email interface

Industry Experience
• Over two decades of email and messaging application development
• Proprietary network accommodates tens of millions of users

• Rely on MailCentro economies of scale to lower total cost of ownership
• Architecture provides a series of APIs enabling seamless integration with existing technologyies

Scalable, Reliable
• Modular architecture easily scales to accommodate expansion of email service offering
• Seamless addition of servers to our network to meet growing capacity demands
• No single point of failure
• Full redundancy
• System backup in multiple geographical locations
• SSL encryption

Technology that features Security

We realize that security is an ever-present and constantly evolving issue in today’s Internet environment. That’s why we have dedicated extensive resources to ensure that data transmitted on our network receives the most comprehensive and up-to-date protection available.

  • Secure Login—Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted username and password.
  • Virus Scanning—More than 40,000 known viruses and other malicious code variants effectively detected and blocked at both gateway and in storage. Includes frequent definition updates and active protection of public storage for viruses entering via FTP/HTTP.
  • Spam Blocking—Mass distributed messages identified and prevented through system enhancements,program development and alliances.Black lists are automatically updated and can also be manually updated by system administrators.
  • Firewalls and Proxies—Act as intermediaries between enterprise network and Internet to provide additional network security.
  • 24 x 7 Surveillance—Physical protection at data centers includes access restriction, video surveillance, security breach alarms and caged server farms.
  • Administrative Security—Fully secure administrative transactions through SSL encryption and role-based access definitions.

From anti-virus to encryption technologies, our solutions integrate a full line of defense against threats to your data and network.Commtouch takes an all-inclusive approach to security so you can rest assured that your messaging system is protected on all fronts.


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